New yoyoists! How'd you start?

I just hit a year at my job that allows me to yoyo, can’t say what I do (non disclosure agreement) but I couldn’t even throw a basic front throw a year ago and now I can do the white Bhudda without looking!!! This has got to be the greatest hobby compared to racing or crafts (like Gundam models) it all started with a tiny cheapo light up you weighing in around 15-20 ounces. Now everything’s different. What got you in?
Mayo’s the name by the way and welcome all to the community!

The Yoyo Boom in the 90s and then wanting to do something with my hands while hanging out with my kids.

I got into yoyos last year in april. I did throw a xbrain for a couple months in 4th grade when my school was hit with a yoyo fad that quickly faded due to the begining pokemon cards lol. What got me into last year was the tv show Agents of Sheild. My favorite charactors name is Yo-Yo. Her name reminded me and i ordered a YoYoKing Merlin on amazon. Been at it ever since

Cheap tradeshow giveaway yoyo with some software company’s logo on it. Saved me from being bored to death for three days. That was a couple years and around 70 yoyos ago.

I’ve been yo yoing since october of 2016, but I did do a little bit of responsive yo yoing for around 2 years before that (although it was mainly just me throwing around the worlds). I hadn’t thrown an unresponsive yoyo, until one of my friends let me try out his old Onestar, which I eventually broke. A year afterwards, I broke my responsive yoyo that I had, and I was about to just leave my yo yoing behind until I found, and eventually got another yoyo from a nearby Big 5, with which I started learning tricks with. Later that year, in around february, I bought a skyva off of yotricks, and I eventually learned enough tricks on that so that I could do the most basic of tricks off of a breakaway. Eventually, around a year later, I went into a talent show with an ethos from yotricks and a superstar from yoyofactory, and with those yoyos I got third place within the show, making yoyoing stick with me ever since.

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Not really new to yoyo but new to unresponsive play and serious about learning tricks. My other yoyo experiences were before YouTube and the many useful video tutorials. Learning tricks from picture and text description wasn’t easy for me. First yoyo was a Duncan imperial midnight. Then the yoyo boom of the late 90’s I threw fireballs and firestorms. Fast forward to 2007-ish I bought a yomega hyperwarp wing and began trying basic string tricks. This past Christmas my nephew was gifted a Duncan imperial and as soon as I saw it I had an urge to yoyo again. I couldn’t find my hyperwarp but found my firestorm unfortunately with a loose axle but from over tightening. I found yoyo expert and ordered a velocity and replay pro, not long after i grabbed a downbeat and a wedge. Thanks to the video tutorials im up to the internediate/expert sections. Now back to throwing lol.

These are all awesome guys!! And new or not it’s hilarious how none of us “just got a toy”. Even the misses has been super excited with how giddy I’m getting reading all these! And we’re so unlike car people :joy: brand loyalty doesn’t start fights, just exchanging tips! Love it!

A cheap responsive metal ball bearing yo-yo from dollar store and wanted to do something then I got a Duncan butterfly and a YYF velocity and first got in to 1a then a got a replay then I got a YYF shutter and that got me into 4a and 5a which I ordered on amazon YYF flight and Duncan freehand pro still waiting for them to come on tues