When and where?

So I am asking anyone wanting to answer, When and where did you first start yoyoing? For me I had always picked up a yoyo and never known what to do with it so I did the whole let it fall out of my hand and go down and then try to pull it back up but actually mess up and have to roll is up again thing. Then one day I was in Florida and I got a yoyo with a plastic crappy bearing and that’s when I first found out how to do the around the world trick and make the yoyo sleep, From that point on I knew that I wanted to keep going and work on this life long hobby. It’s been about 5 years since then and I have gotten much better, I still have a long way to go but I know with more practice and more creativity I can definitely get there, So basically I am saying how and where did you start?

This was my first yoyo.

I started yoyoing last year. I know 2 friends we were yoyoing at the time and that got me started. Ive been yoyoing since, and I can honestly say I that year u have made HUGE progress. My first yoyo was the popstar ( I know that’s a horrible first yoyo) but it definitely challenges me, because when I got a bigger yoyo I was spot on! I still have that yoyo, and that show I started yoyoing. Oh and I go to yoyo club every Monday

I had a group of friends in my tech theater crew in high school who would yoyo because they found a random yoyo in a janitor closet, and they all bought 2012 velocities and I bought a dv888. I got a lot bigger into it with collecting and forums. My main ffriend who pushed me to yoyo doesn’t throw anymore I don’t think, but I’m going very strong still. Working on teaching my friend though

Coca-Cola ran a promotion in the late 80s, buy coke, bottle caps had Y or O on them… spell Yo Yo and you got a yoyo for $2 or so… don’t remember the cost.

Everyone in my school did it, I was about 7-8, so we all competed… over the years I’ve always had a few yo-yos but never took it this serious until 2014. Claim to fame, I yo-yoed on the Greatest Show On Earth floor once with my Steve Brown Sig Freehand… back in 2003-2004.

Still not near as advanced as many of you here.

Do you still have the coke yoyo?

I started yoyoing last May when I had a birthday party. A friend of mine, Evan Gronberg (redneckyoyoer3826; who lives ten minutes from me), gave me a Fast 201. I started with that and it escalated from there.

Oh, boy. The first time I ever tried a yoyo was i don’t know how many years ago. The first yoyo I had was an imperial shaped yoyo that i have no idea what it was called. It was white and i got it at a garage sale. It took me FOREVER to learn gravity pull.

2 years ago my friend started busting out tricks in my youth group at church and I was amazed, needless to say I ordered my first yoyo that day :smiley:

back in grade school yoyo’s became a popular toy. i remember being amazed the first time i saw someone do a sleeper. i played around some then but not serious. played here and there over the years until around 2011; then thought it would be fun to get proficient so bought a decent yoyo and started learning from you tube videos. kind of lost interest (not totally but just occasional throw) until a couple weeks ago; now i eat, sleep, dream, yo-yos. either throwing / practicing or reading the forums and watching you tube vids.


I started yoyoing when in 5th grade my teacher bought me a duncan butterfly. He said I needed to be creative. I realized I had a passion when I threw it up and down for 2 hours a day. 1 year later I then bought a duncan flying squirrel, then a duncan throw monkey and then finally…A WERRD MINUTE!

That was the best day of my life! I learned at least 10 new tricks with the Minute.

That is how it started. :slight_smile:

I started off by buying a mega responsive yoyo. I wanted to be a cool kid and make it sleep longer. I heard if I twisted the yoyo only half-way it could do that, but then when I threw it, everything flew out and lost my spacers and bearing.

Years later when I went back to China, yoyos were the latest craze due to a live drama called “Blazing Teens”. I bought a yoyo but I still could’t do anything except walk the dog.

Years later, I find that same yoyo, went on amazon and bought my first ‘actual’ yoyos from Yomega. What a bad choice I made. But nevertheless, I’m here now and rocking it!

Okay my story is probably one of the weirdest ones here but what the heck.

…3 years ago in a land far far away that is my house. And my sister needed stuff to build a miniature playground for school so I have a junk drawer I brought down from my room the drawer and said if she wanted anything in there she could have it. And then i went on one of those sugar rampages rolling on the floor laughing In fits of giggles cause that’s how I am late at night with sugar in my system. So my mom told me to calm down so I find my old Duncan glow in the dark proyo. So I picked It up and made it go up and down and found out I liked it a lot. Later that night my dad finds me in YouTube learning some simple Yoyo tricks. And Oh after 3 some months after I learn all I possibly can with a Yoyo that loops I beg my mom to buy me a better Yoyo for about 2 weeks. So he finally takes me to a hobby shop to get a better Yoyo that Yoyo was a yomega maverick and from that day foreword the rest was history.