how is yyf string

(String Mafia) #1

Just wondering what your thoughts were on yyf string was?


It’s terrible.

It’s made by little girls in smelly Chinese Sweat shops. :wink:


I’ve always liked yyf string. I’m not much for doing string reviews though, so I’ll leave that to someone more experienced in that area.


Most strings are made in Mexico rather than China.

It’s fine string. I find it a bit rough, but it whips surprisingly well for “standard poly”, holds a decent loop, and isn’t snaggly. Perfectly serviceable string. One night not too long ago I put on one of the strings and for a short while I found myself actually really loving it! But it must’ve been “new string” love, because about 20 minutes later I thought, “Yeah, it’s fine. Where did the magic go?” :wink:


I like it.


It’s not bad…


its now bad when it is new but after about 30 min of non stop throwing u can feel that something isnt right :<