How I Paint my yoyos!
there you go! hope you use it to your advantage! if you want to suggest any ideas feel free too!

Nice! I never thought of splattering paint like that!! Also, won’t you need to apply some type of clearcoat?

I have tried the clear coat and it really doesnt do anything protection wise but to make it shine more you could =) Thanks!

Final Product!

I ended up adding the clear coat just to make it shiny  :slight_smile:

SICK!!! What spray paint would you recommend?

What I used was called Krylon it worked really really well :slight_smile:

This thing is for sale ONLY $20!!!

where do you buy the spray paint, ano paint, and clear coat

You can buy the clear coat and the paint at your local hardware store and ano is a completely different thing, ano is not paint it is a process using chemicals, electricity and dyes so you cannot buy “ano paint” :slight_smile: I do not recommend anodizing yoyos at your home, its bery bery dangerous