How hard is it to anodize 7068 Aluminium?

(The Yo mast3r) #1

Given the fact that my Kenshin has some ano flaws. Just like to know.


It’s not like paint that can be touched up, it has to be stripped and redone. Not something I’d ever recommend to do, hire a professional.

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I think the answer lies in your ano-flawed Kenshin.


7068 is easy to anodize, not as easy as 6061 and easier than 7075.
If you got a flaw, you could contact the seller for customer service, we try to keep good QC, but is hard to make no mistakes.
I discarded less kenshin from ano flaws than 7075 Hideyoshi while checking them for QC, ano flaws happen in all alloys and 7068 seems like doesn’t present more problems than 6061. Still, is a new alloy for yoyos, the data is quite small.


I would Love to get a bright Green Hideyoshi to match my Kenshin!

I would not hesitate to buy one ‘with’ ano flaws.

Ano flaws are highly overrated.

It has to be a Serious Pain for All Yoyo Makers/Sellers. I can only imagine how suspensful it must be when that batch of freshly ano’d yoyo halves comes in for inspection.

I honestly believe that All Makers/Sellers should clearly state in their product descriptions that the yoyos may have ano flaws; which is an ever present possibility in the process of anodizing.

… Think of it this way; if you buy a 55 Chevy with a 400 Horsepower Rat motor in it. But the paint job has a few flaws; just do this.

Start it up… Run the RPM up to about 3300… Pop the Clutch! If the front wheels come off the ground; you are good to go🤓

In the last 18 years I have Never talked to an advanced level player that has whined about ‘minor’ surface flaws. They are more focused on the performance/functionality of the yoyos than micro factors that have No effect on the play of the yoyo.

Ano complaints seem to be more often generated by people that feel spending ‘x’ amount of dollars should result in perfection.

Perfection is often elusive in whatever you buy…

A Maker mentioned to me(last year) that a guy called up three times asking about returning a yoyo with ‘ano flaws’ that just bothered him the no end.

The Maker told him… Just send the yoyo back and we will make absolutely sure the replacement would be Flawless.

When the yoyo finally arrived at the Makers’ address; upon opening the box, it was shocking to see that the yoyo had several gouges in the rims from smacking the pavement. :flushed:

Go figure. The guy didn’t like the ano flaws but had no problem personally tearing up the yoyo, lol.

… And the on another note; there are people that Hate ano flaws; spend 200+ dollars on Titanium yoyos and the promptly go outside at night and grind the Ti into the pavement to see Sparks, lolol🤓

Funny stuff…


I know you aren’t complaining about it but think of it this way:
You own an even more unique piece of art now :wink: throw a couple pinpricks and scuffs on it and you’ll be good to go :slight_smile:


I do not agree.
the aesthetics of a yoyo is an important thing and given the sales prices everything should be perfect, including staining.
defects in coloring, unlike those of vibration / processing, are easily solved, once identified the faulty parts to them can decolorize and re-anodizing again … if it is not considered convenient, they are sold as a b-grade at a reduced price … as it always has been.