How far would you go?

How far is a yo-yoer willing to go to get that yo-yo? You know the one, limited production and only half were the bearing size you like. Would you save up for it? Would you trade some precious belongings for it? Would you use one of your onedrop mod fodder kits to make your own? Wait what? Make your own? You bet ya. I give you the Split Decision Y-Factor:

The base yo-yo weighs in at 49g which is only 2 grams heavier than the actual Split Decision. All other dimensions match the Split D exactly. This baby plays for keeps. No vibe or wobble and for kicks I put in a gold bearing and so it spins for days.

wow man great job. that looks amazing

I had thought about this a bit earlier in the week. Kudos to you for actually doing it. The execution is A+. What is the outer diameter of those rims where the detachable rims fit on to?