How Each Style Entertains

I felt like posting something about this. I’ll eventually put other ways

1A Speed and lots of maneuvering gets people wondering how you don’t get knots. Also proves single yo-yoing is awesome!

2A Fancy, lots of looping shows off your hand eye coordination. THe Speed is amazing and the under leg loops are awesome. Don’t forget Matrix tricks

3A Perform tricks that involve near misses for the yo-yo. Seeing how they don’t clink might ponder. Lots of knot prevention involved to

4A Up and down and yo-yoing with no connection is amazing. Around the leg hopping and quick whips catch the eye

5A Speed and lots of twirlyness involving the counterweight and yo-yo revolving in perfect harmony. The speed is riveting and having the counterweight do body maneuvering is amazing.

AP Higby Entertains, Iwakura shows style