How durable is the starlite?

Title says it all.

It seems pretty durable atleast on par with the protostar. I actually like it better than my protostar for some reason it just feels better. And can’t beat the price.

Most plastics take a beating and still be good. This yoyo is no different.

My hubs cracked under normal play. So with my experience not very durable.

Could have been just mine, not sure.

Not just you, my starlite cracked about a month after i got it, some 5a might be the cause but most plastics take it better than that.

I got my starlite used and I’ve since had it for over 5 months. It has had some light taps on brick walls and dropped on the kitchen floor and it lives. Guess some are more durable than others.

I’ve had a Starlite since last July or so, play it fairly regularly. No cracks or anything. Prefer it over Protostar and Northstar for some reason.

Yes, but putting it in the body says it even better.

My kid has one. It seems like it should hold up. I’ve found that unless you’re out to intentionally abuse a yoyo, pretty much anything will hold up pretty good, including the Starlight. I just got a Starbrite myself, and that’s too light as far as weight, but it feels solid and durable. I would expect you should get a few years at least of enjoyment out of this very affordable glowing yoyo.

Anything will break if you abuse it or aren’t planning to take some reasonable care with it. As far as this taking the typical hits to a hard surface on a throw where you drop your arm, yeah, this will take it just fine, just as pretty much any decent quality yoyo will.

I recently got a Reflex for a kid of mine. I have a Reflex as well, bought about a year ago. They’ve done something because her’s feels flimsy out of the package and mine feels solid. But we’re also talking about a yo-yo not intended to last very long. For most, a Reflex lasts a week or two. For a 3 year old, it may last longer.