How does the Aurora Northstar play?


Is it any different to the older, solid color versions? This other Japanese store claim it’s 67 grams and not 69 grams as the “standard”


Played one at MER. And thank goodness I did; it saved me from buying it.

I thought it played a bit lighter than the older models, so that makes sense if it’s 67g instead of 69. Definitely plays well, but on the first throw I was disappointed. It lacked any sort of ‘personality’. Looks amazing, though!


Yoyowiki also says that it is 67.3g for the aurora edition and 69.5g for the normal, solid colour ones.

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I love mine. Looks Great. Plays Great.

I’ve never played another NorthStar. I’m not sure what the others play like, but I love mine. If you looking to add another performance plastic to your collection, look no further to the Aurora Borealis NorthStar.


Or the new protostars?


I have one. After trying it, it didn’t feel anywhere near 69g. This possibly 67g weight must explain it.


It apparently does not have the metal hub ring that older ones have.

As for lightness/float in play i personally get OG/JK>aurora>glow