Supernova, Super G, Genesis, Avant Garde, Phenomizm


Just wondering which of these is the best. Haven’t ever used any of these before and i just want to know some opinions on them. If you have any recommendations under 90$ please add that as well.


Its pretty much all about preference. I havent played them all but Ill let you know which ones I have played…

Supernova: have owned both the 6061 version that weight 66.5 grams and the 7075 version thats a little heavier at 68.6 grams. Very fun yoyo, a little bit floaty esp with the lighter one but its more a competitio0n style yoyo, spins forever. Awesome shape! I miss mine from time to time!

Super G and Genesis Havent played…

Avant Garde: Kinda hard to explain, solid playing, I would recommend the Avant Garde 2 if you like floaty, its super floaty super fun. I havent played the AG1 that much…

Phenomzin: Awesome for a plastic/metal hybrid. Spins for a while minimal vibe! I got mine on BST for under $20! So I would def not pay the retail $55 or whatever but if you can find a cheap opne go for it!@

Out of all of those I would personally pick the Supernova but go with what shape you like and go from there, example li9ke extreme rim weight? Get a Super G!