Should I get a Protostar too?

I bought a second hand Northstar a while ago and I really like it. It has a large catch zone, sleeps forever and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. I’m not a big fan of the feel of the plastic though, it feels like it’ll shatter if it hits anything hard.

Is it better than the Protostar? I’ve heard good things about it but if it is very similar I probably won’t bother.

They are similar, but the northstar is more slow and solid and the protostar is faster and more floaty. The northstar is a tad more stable and forgiving, but the protostar is good in those respects. I feel that the protostar is a touch more robust.
Also, in b4 category swap!

If you don’t like the plastic of the Northstar, you won’t like the Protostar plastic much either. They play great though.


I’m constantly switching between them, I find that the protostar is faster and smoother, while the NorthStar is a slower playing, longer spinning and slightly more vibe.