How does someone loop for a really, really long time?

I was wondering lately if there’s a limit to how much one can loop on and on. I took out my yomega nebula and tried seeing how many consecutive inside loops I could do and got 180. When I got to 180 loops, the string was just so tight that it was around an arms length away. Is there a specific kind of string to use when looping for a long time that maintains it’s tension/length? Or do you just tighten the string as much as you can and do as many loops as you can?

Also, if possible I’d like some of the people who read this to try and see how many loops they can get, specifically inside loops. I wonder if other people can reach this amount or even more :open_mouth:

edit: after writing the paragraph above I tried doing this again and I got 232 loops and the string did the same exact thing. The only difference between my first try and second try is that for my first try I started from neutral string tension and my second try I tightened the string to the point where it curls in on it’s self (basically, super tight).


Inside and outside loops I believe to neautralize the string.


If you really just want to see how far you can take it, you could put a snap swivel in the string, then the loops won’t put twists into the string. I’m not sure how you’d attach it, but basically you want to put the swivel in between your finger loop and the rest of the string.


Nice job on hitting the 232 btw! :smiley: /impressed

If you’re right handed and you found the string tightening at the end you must have gone right through totally unwinding the string and spinning it tight the other direction, maybe a couple of times. I’ve found that 30-40 loops will totally unravel the string at which point for me the yoyo comes off of the string. As noted above alternating inside and outside loops is the way to keep string tension fairly neutral.


232 Right handed or left handed inside loops?

right handed

You gave me a really good idea because it caused me to think quite a bit.

My main goal is to do as many inside loops as physically possible without doing outside loops to adjust for tension. When I have the string attached to my finger by a slip-knot, every time I do an inside loop (right-handed) it puts one twist on the string and the twist travels all the way up to the point of the slip-knot on my finger. What I want to do is figure out some way for that tension to NOT lead to my finger. I don’t have a snap swivel at the moment but I realized I could probably do the same thing with string. I took some old yoyo string and threaded it through the loop and made a new slip-knot. I thought this would take care of it but I was wrong :(. It turns out regardless of how the string is, whether it’s one long string or a string that has a string connected to it, the tension will still travel all the way up to my finger.

I thought “why not just put my finger through the loop with no slip-knot? Just adjust the size of the hole so it fits my finger securely.” That doesn’t work either because when I started to yoyo, that’s how I put the string on my finger (I didn’t know about slip-knots lol) and I had string tension problems constantly.

What I need is some way so that for each twist that comes from each loop, the string maintains it’s tension. I do have an idea of what would work but it would require me to loop with the yoyo not attached to my finger using a counter weight. This counter weight automatically corrects string tension for 5A play which is why it came to mind. It’s called the ultraweight and it has a bearing in it which controls the string tension.

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Freehand Looping!
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