How does Andre Bouley dismount trapeze happen

Andre Bouley has a way of dismounting his trapeze. He does a trapeze and then another and it goes back to his hands. Is that right? How does he do it because I want to know how. Help

He rolls the trap forward, missing the string, making the new loop feed into the gap, then releases the trapeze. There should be a good youtube video of the bind out there.

Do you know what the bind is called? I searched it on the Internet but all that came up was the pop in the air dismount

This is correct, but I don’t suggest you use this bind. I have been told by two different sources that this bind can cause the string to wrap up awkwardly and keep you from throwing properly on the next attempt.

Of course, rules of physics don’t apply to Andre Boulay.

But is there a name for that bind?

I have read that people here call it the “oliver twist” bind, or the Andre bind. I had always thought of it as the “Rolling” bind, but it is said to be a tad different, as I read that Andre throws the loop into the gap after the roll between his forearm and body. If you search rolling bind or andre bind on the forums, there are several that discuss it.

K thanks