Andrèe Boulay's rewind

Can someone teach me the rewind that Andrèe Boulay uses from a trapeze?

What do you mean by rewind from a trapeze? That’s where the trick starts so I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. If you aren’t too great at English, PM “JonasK” and ask him. He knows what he’s talking about and is also from Norway.

My guess is he means the bind from Trapeze that looks like a cool smooth circle then snaps back into the hand. Hard to see what he does, since the trick that he was explaining is over, and it’s just a very quick natural movement. He does it at the end of many of his string tricks. I think it’s a backspin bind that he does. This breaks it down well, though I just do it over my middle finger instead of twisting around the index finger as Brett does.

Yes I mean binding
He does it in this video at 1.36.

A lot of people do that. It’s just a Trapeze, and the Trapeze over causing another wrap in the yoyo gap, and then bind it. It’s easy once you know what happens. :wink:

I believe he’s doing what Houdini (RIP) calls the Basic Bind or Double Bind in this vid

It’s a fancy frontspin bind variation, not backspin.

any1 know what yoyo is being used in this last video?

Looks to be a Dif-e-yo, not sure which model though.