Andre Boulay's return trick??

First i dont know if this is really a trick or not, but i think it is.

Ok so if you have seen Andre Boulay’s trick tutorails on Youtube then you have probably seen his yoyo stop spinning. Now heres my question, when his yoyo stops spinning he takes it and flicks/spins it out of his hand then it strats spinning like normal then he binds it and it comes back to his hand. How does he do it? Because I have tried eveything and nothing seems to work. So if anyone has some tips, it would help me out alot.


You mean this?

Andre’ has an awesome thumb.

yes thank you soo much i didnt even think about looking for a video. It help me out big time.


good luck, it’s a pain in the neck until you get it , ( by the way Andre could do 3 gyros with snap start:O)

are you serious thats insane!!!

u mean sexy thumb

I saw that vid! His thumb has the stench of awesome

Where Mah cheezburger!?!!

I’ve been able to get one… but I’ve only done it once. :frowning: Still working on it. :slight_smile:

let me fix that, he did one easily in the nationals in 2004, I bet he can do 3 gyros

What? Dude… seriously get on topic.

i has de cheezburger if u haz de monee.