how does an 888x with dice stacks sound?

alright, after alot of debate, i’m thinking i’m going to get a blue 888x (with th hubstacks) then get some dice stacks. would that be sick? please leave your oppinion

The Boss is almost the same shape as 888, yet it plays way different.
More rim weight and and balanced.
The 888 is more middle weighted.
And the Boss is 20$ less.

The 888X is different from yours though.

The dice stacks will sound generally annoying.

Oh yeah isn’t the 888x Highwalled?

Image the Z-Stack sound on steriods.

so would an 888x be a better choice than the boss? besides the fact that it’s twenty dollars more?

in other words which gives you the best bang for your buck?
have any of you used hub stacks?
if so are they really as cool as they’re thought to be?
i don’t want to spend twenty bucks more just for something i’m not going to seriously use.
please comment :-*

Hubstacks aren’t that cool.
They get old about a week after.
And I think that the Boss plays better than 888’s IMO.

I have a 888x and I was surprized how quiet it is. My 888x is quieter than my pgm v.2 with stacks.
Although, they do get old after a week or so.
Heres a pic of mine to show you what it looks like with dicestacks.

It’s important to realize and take into account what others have said that while the hubstacks are the main, obvious difference, the $20 difference is going to more than just that. If the 888x plays similar to the 888 Classic, I can say that the 888 will play floatier than the BOSS, which some people find very appealing, but the BOSS will offer you more in terms of stability due to the more heavily weighted rims. They’re both dead smooth, and again extremely similar in shape, though I do find the 888 a bit more comfortable to hold (not that that really matters much). Also, have you read my response to your C13 post? I’m still not sure you’re ready to commit after all your jumping around between choices. You also may want to consider keeping one topic for all of these ‘this vs that’ posts in the future (not to pick on you, just a suggestion ;))

Thanks for your guys’ help
but after all this, i’m going with the BOSS. thanks for your input

888x is like the 09 888 total different shape than the Boss.
The Boss is more shaped like the '07 and '08s.