How do you unseize a bearing


my bearing seized up and I want to know how to unseize it


Try cleaning it really well, if you don’t free it up, it’s probably trash.


Soak it in WD40 for a couple of days, then clean it.

Should that fail, try this from elsewhere…
(shield’s Ultimate Bearing Mod)

[quote=shield400]I’ve thought about letting my little secret out for some time and have finally decided to do so. If you want the smoothest quietest longest spinning bearing you can find here is what to do. Oh, and yes it plays just like and is much quieter than any ceramic bearing I’ve tried but DO NOT do this mod to a ceramic bearing. Any other kind of bearing will work.

(1) Take the shields off of the bearing. You can only take off one but you’ll get better results if you remove both sides.

(2) Clean out all the oil and dirt with the chemical of your choice. I’ve always used Mineral Spirits also knows as paint thinner, it has always worked the best for me.

(3) Once dry get some Metal Polish and pack the insides of the bearing with it. If you have a Dremel give it a “very low RPM” spin for 20-30 seconds or spin the bearing by hand for about a minute working it back and forth. Please note that it must be a smooth cream like metal polish, do not use Flitz or polish with a gritty texture.

(4) Once your done soak the bearing again in Mineral Spirits and use a soft toothbrush to help wash out the polish. Give the bearing 2-3 washes until all the polish is gone. I recommend to refill the container your using with fresh Mineral Spirits after each wash.

(5) Once dry give it a few spins to make sure all the polish is out. I usually put the shields back on and very lightly oil but you don’t have to.

Thats it, your done. It seems like a lot of trouble but I assure you it is well worth it. Once you try this on one of your bearings you won’t want to play with a stock one again.


I’ve got some marginal bearings. I picked up some metal polish today. Gonna see if I can save them.

I also have a stack of bearings that I’m also not pleased with, so again, going to do the same thing.

But, before I do any of that, I’m gonna deal with some brand new Trifectas and Dry Play treat them.