how do you take the caps off the yyf severe(derlin)

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Use a piece if duct tape and let it sit on the cap for a few minutes then pull. Or use a suction cup to pull it off.

Suction cup works a treat.


They do, sometimes they are harder to get off, that’s when duct tape comes in handy :). I have also heard the severe caps are harder than usual to take off. Correct me if I’m wrong ;).

I got them of but I had to destroy the caps.

I use a slightly larger suction cap. Takes up almost the entire surface of the side cap.


  • Del-rin *
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I thought it was Der-lin.

It’s delrin, although that’s actually a brand name. The generic name is polyoxymethylene.

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At one point i saw you post this and I started spelling it that way until I looked at the yoyo.


I thought the generic name was Acetal…

I believe Acetal is another brand, but polyoxymethylene is the scientific name for the specific type of polymer (plastic).