How do you remove a Aquarius bearing out of a Sunset Trajectory?

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Lets see… I tried messing around and got my aquarius bearing and place it with the sunset bearing in the sunset trajectory. Now that I beefcaked it, I cant seem to remove the bearing out. I tried pliers.

Help Plz


yea getting these small bearings out is a pain but what pliers are you using? If you are using slip joint pliers, they should work. Instead of just trying to pull it off try holding on it ,and wiggling ever so slightly. It should come right out. Later.

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You know how pliers have that circular shaped thing (which works as a joint or pivot point) in between the handle and the grabber things? Close that around the bearing instead of the grabber things.

Sorry for my lack of vocabulary.

Also, there is a bearing removal tool you can buy, but I’m not finding it online.


Here is a OneDrop vid…

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Thanks DYouch.