How do you measure the length the string is supposed to be?

I am new at yoyoing and I need help measuring how long the string is supposed to be. Thanks! :wink:

cut the string at your bellybutton

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Its really personal preference. Some cut it as short as their belt buckle,

while others do not cut it at all.

Belly button is a good place to start, before you find out what you like.

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But beware, when you cut a place on the string, it will end up shorter than that after the knots. So if you cut at your belly button, it will end up around 1-2 inch(es) under your belly button.

Try them full length if they feel too long try shorter, if they feel to short don’t cut them that short again.
Make sure you give your self a good few hours at each length so you can adjust to it.