how do you make a yoyo???

hey guys,

So how do you go about doing it; Do you like make them in metal working class, or do you send the blue prints into a company, or maybe something else? just how do you go about making one?

Thanks In Advance!!!

Lost of money first. Lots of it.

false. with a little know-how and the right equipment, its not rediculously expensive. I’m working on one right now at a shop my friend works at

You Misunderstand. Does he want it to play well? My opinion is based on making a prototype and then a finished model. Besides does everyone have access to the right equipment? No. to get that equipment it will cost lots of money. Also it will cost if you don’t have that kind of equipment and you have to get a machine shop to do it. Don’t give false hope then shoot them down with if’s. You have to know or get someone that know’s how to write a code for the machine or you cold have someone make you a wood yoyo. That would be cheaper.

Basically unless you know someone with the proper equipment you are up the creek without a paddle.

Making yoyos is something that most people can’t do, unless you have money. Which not everyone has a lot of these days.

I’m sorry. Have you released a yoyo? Icthus has. So your (wrong) opinion is invalid.

Myself, I whittle them. Out of titanium. With a fork. A plastic one.

Plastic fork wouldn’t work for me. I had to get my toothpick out.