How to make a yoyo?

hey, guys. I’m looking to make a yoyo (preferably out of wood or metal) I’m not looking for gnarwhal style play, here, though… just something that’ll look sick and possibly be able to be thrown. it doesn’t really matter, though. as long as it looks neat, it probably won’t get thrown, anyway. suggestions??

Buy a lathe. Good luck lol… It’s a huge investment to make one yoyo lol.

I made one! Out of wood and a lathe! It can be turned from responsive to non responsive!

Pay for someone to machine your design as a prototype.

Thanks mods for cleaning up the thread. Sorry about my comment.

Check out the “Lathe Buying Guide” as Yoyoavenger said, “it’s a big investment” and pretty expensive. Contact TMBR for Tips. :wink:

Ummm, yeah, I’m sure they’ll tell you all the secrets to making wooden yoyos. :smiley:


Probably right ::).