How do You Learn a rick?


While looking at Andre’s tutorial for Ladder Escape, I developed a method in my head so that I wouldn’t forget the elements of the trick. I broke it down, piece by piece, and mastered each little part of the trick. I’m far from done, but this method really helped me.

How would you have done this?


Probably the same way you did. Start with part a. Then do part a and b. Then a, b and c. And so on. Baby steps.



lol I watch the whole thing, then stumble through it first try, and gradually get better at it after a while :stuck_out_tongue: maybe not the best method, but it worlds for me. I also do the same when I’m trying to learn a trick without a tutorial


i like learning tricks with a heavy yoyo ( dm2, t6, blood brother) and showin off (even if i suk lol) with a lighter throw (62-66) like a skyline. i try to memorize the video, then learn.

(SR) #5

Watch the video, try to learn the first part of it, fail, give up, repeat.


I do it just like you…a,b,c,d… with a long spinning yoyo so I don’t have to keep binding and throwing. Strong throws help sleep longer too…obviously (me)