How do you approach learning new tricks?

How do you approach learning new tricks? Do you fumble through the entire thing until you eventually power through? Do you break it into segments and then put them together? If so, do you master one segment before moving on to the next? Do you learn and conquer one trick at a time or do you try and learn more than one at a time? Are you self-teaching through videos or learning through friends or yoyo clubs? I’m just curious as to how other people learn their stuff.

I usually go to a tutorial and go through the motions of the trick that the person illustrates. I don’t move on until I get pretty comfortable with a motion.

If I do learn a trick (as opposed to making them up), it’s usually off of a video. I’ll watch through it once or twice, then break it up into a few parts and learn each part and try to piece it together. While trying to learn the moves, I often go through the motions a few times with a dead yoyo to try to get a feel for it.

First I watch the video. Then I yell BRING IT ON!!! at the computer screen. Then I got eat some bacon to prepare myself. Then I break it up into sections with my fists. Then I learn each section and make it suffer. Then I piece the whole thing together. Then I smooth it out with 7 million grit sandpaper.


I watch vids online… then get confused between left and right… then kinda knot the string a lot and have to unscrew the yoyo or get out a pin and untie it for a bit… then eventually get it right.

Sometimes I break the trick down into components (transition, underpass, etc) then try to practice the components seperately in sequence. If you know the configuration of the string… eg. string goes from… THROWHAND to FREEFINGER to YO to THROWHAND to YO (ie a split bottom mount)… you can kinda set up for the next step.

Figure out how to get into and out of each hold and you can string them together in a trick. Some things like picture tricks and some transitions or fancy stuff won’t work like that, but you can figure them out seperate.

Break your trick down into components… figure how to get from each to the next… and then try to make it smooth.

Watch the vid then attempt the trick then watch the vid again and just keep practicing till I Can do the trick

Personally, I learn multiple tricks at once. What I do is I look around and pick out 2 or 3 tricks that I want to learn, I work on them individually until I have successfully landed it once, then I move to the next, rinse, repeat. Then once I have landed all of them once I just cycle through them, it helps to break up the frustration and monotony of doing the same trick OVER and OVER and OVER until it is mastered. See I get REALLY mad sometimes over stupid stuff :-\ (PTSD >.<) so it helps me to have the option to switch what trick I am working on without having to stop and pick another one out, that way when I start to get frustrated I just swap tricks :smiley:

Love it.