How do you go about learning yoyoing?

I’m trying to figure out how to go about becoming a lot better at yoyoing.
Should I use the Trick tutorial section here and just go through each section or just learn else where?
Should I be learning a trick a day? Maybe yoyoing 2 hours a day?
Let me know how you go about your yoing

For me, I go about in the order of the ‘learn’ section of this site, perfecting each trick before proceeding to the next.
I would recommend that you go about it in a way that you are comfortable with. Since yoyoing is a hobby, it does not matter how you go about doing it, as long as you are having fun.

If you want to, you totally could go through every single trick in the trick list, but I found that to be extremely frustrating. When I was really focused on learning tricks, I just learned whatever tricks people always talked about that there were tutorials for (Buddha’s Revenge, Iron Whip, Spirit Bomb, And Whut, White Buddha, and tons more)… And I think that was a good idea, because those sort of tricks teach you some very important concepts that you will definitely use.

And then when I kinda at least knew the majority of those, I started learning whatever looked cool to me. These tricks don’t necessarily have tutorials made for them, so they may be harder to learn, but they’re also very important to learn, because the tricks that you LIKE then become the tricks that you DO, which end up shaping your style as you practice and perform them.

I would say setting a time on the amount of yoyoing you should get in during a day is not worth the trouble. Just yoyo however much you feel comfortable doing. If that means getting 5 minutes in here and there, that’s totally OK. Or, if it means yoyoing 10 hours a day practicing for contests like I know Kentaro Kimura has done before, that’s totally OK as well. It’s up to you.

Forget about setting a time for yoyoing. Just do to for fun. When you stop having fun, put the yoyo down. I use this site and some trick channels on youtube. with yo-yo.
2. mess up.
3. remember what happens.

… 4. profit.

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I agree with what some of these guys have said. Don’t set any time for yourself. Do it on your own time. For me personally I like to just learn the tricks from the vids on this site and I just learn them in any order I want. I usually end up practicing about three tricks at any given time.

Have fun. Period.

Get some tricks here (in this site) and there (Youtube, Rethinkyo), they’re everywhere (make your own by messing things up)