Question on Tricks

(King Revelation) #1

What kind of tricks do they use at a yoyo contest and how long would it take me to learn all these tricks if I keep at it for like 2 hours a day. thanks


It takes practice, practice, and a little more practice.

People at contest make up their own tricks and use other peoples.

Do you want tutorials?

Some great tricks are on the learn section on this website. (Up there ^)

Everyone has a learning curve. I’ve been yoyoing for a year and I can do most of the tricks on this website. Some can’t, some can. It takes commitment.

Good luck with this wonderful art!


What the guy above me said is pretty much 100% accurate. Most players in competitions use tricks of their own creation or one that they learned or a variation of that. My advice to start Is learn as much as you can from this website. Then try to watch a routine of someone you like and learn those tricks just by watching. Then start making a variation of those tricks and lastly make your own from scratch.