How do you fix a rough dent?

I have a 7075 aluminum supernova that i let my novice friend borrow. It hit the pavement. Now it has an area with many small indentations, making a rough surface. What should i do to smooth it out, sand it, apply some type of filler or both?

Some people take a file to their dings if they’re bad enough (to make them less sharp).

But dings are inevitable, so I’d just ignore it and keep throwing.

It is like a lot of little “micro dents” so it screws up grinds. It is not a normal dent that is clean and easy to ignore. Thank you though

If there’s sharp edges use a fine file to take them down. You can smooth out the rest with some 300 grit wet/dry paper used wet. Just hit the dings a bit to smooth them out.

I know a couple things
sand it (don’t recommend it if you lack experience)
get someone else to sand it (yoyospirit, mullicabob, ext) ,
or dont even care about it.

Steel wool has done the trick for me in the past. Note that any abrasive (sandpaper, steel wool, a file) can work away the surrounding ano if you’re not careful.

Ummm, it ain’t that hard.

Indeed. It isn’t hard at all.

If it’s a really bad ding use something like this:

And then follow up with sandpaper.

If you do it enough, your rims will eventually look like this:

But it’s better than the feel of jagged metal in your hand.