How do you feel about the YoYo Factory Space Cowboy

I am thinking about getting a YoYo Factory Space Cowboy and I want to know what you guys think of it 1a wise.

An ultra solid 1A throw in all respects. Absolutely can’t go wrong with one.

A most Excellent throw.

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Great throw, love mine. Can’t see how you can go wrong with it. Stable and long spinning.

All of the above. Super stable, very long and strong spin times, top-notch performance overall. Well worth the money IMO.

I like mine a lot.

I enjoyed mine so much, that I bought two of them. I have U.S.A and Pulsar now. It’s a great throw. by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

^TA you buy like 2 of everything :smiley:

It’s a good throw I’ve thrown one on a couple occasions I like it a lot

Not really. But, when I do, that means it’s really good, it looks great, or both. ;D

I don’t have one, but every time I hear the name I feel like they should release to limited editions called “Maurice” and “Gangster of Love.”

And if you’re too young to get the joke…

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In that “gap” pic it looks like the string has a double loop around the bearing.
Is that a thing? Am I doing it wrong?

No your not doing it wrong thats just TA’s thing thats just how she strings her yoyo’s

So, why?
Is there an advantage?

I think it just makes the yoyo slightly more responsive which will give tighter and easyirr binds but otherwise not really.

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I got to try one for only about 10 minutes but wow those were a nice 10 minutes

Fantastic throw.

One of my all time favorites

Oh man that is such a great idea!

its the best yoyo I have ever played with. My collection is about 30-40 yoyos and it stands out among all.

Well, looks like you should buy one :smiley: