How do you do this beginner's trick?

when i try, the string will get wrapped around the bearing or axle or whatever, and it won’t “swing between my throw hand arm and body”

any tips?

I think what you’re doing wrong is exactly what you described, you aren’t getting the yoyo to go between your arm and your body. you have to sort of turn yourself to the left and let it go between your arms if that makes sense. maybe someone else can explain it better.

I think what’s happening is you’re basically looping that NTH segment around the yoyo, rather than swinging the whole thing around. Maybe imagine the V shape of the strings as rigid, with the yoyo at the point, and try swinging that shape around as a whole. Also try exaggerating the space between your TH arm and body–kind of ‘chicken wing’ your elbow away from your body to make room for the yoyo (and the whole V shape) to pass through.

Hope that helps!