how do I take my m1's axle out

So,I am flowable siliconing my m1 and just did the non-axle side,now I tried to begin the axle side and the axle got in the way,how do I take it out with NO risk of damaging it?

help appreciated!

1st. Get a rubber band.
2nd. Wrap it around the axle until it is very tight.
3rd. Use pliers and twist counter-clockwize.

You can use a rag or something instead of rubber band.

It doesnt work,the rubber band either fall off or dont grip it enough,other ways?

Or you can:

1st: Get 2 nuts that screw around the axle. Make the first one go halfway down, and make the second one tight on top of the second.

  1. Get pliers and grip the nuts, and twist counter clockwise. It all goes well, the axle should come off with it.

my m1 doesnt have nuts

You have to get your own.

I heard someone used cardboard around the axle then used vice grips. Can’t confirm, haven’t removed my M1’s axle yet.

Don’t, You risk damaging the assembly if you remove the axle. It is Press Fit into the M1, it is not supposed to be removed.

You’ll have to silicone and work around the axle