Yoyo Talk.

Who is excited for your new throws. I know I am because I’m getting a new summit shipped to me and I’m dying to play with it. Other then that I’m having problems with my Dark Magic 2 my axel won’t come out. Help?

Why do you want to take the axle out?

If there is a hole at the end of the axle you can find a hex key that fits and screw it out

If there isn’t a hole on the end you’ll have to use pliers to screw it out, and I recommend covering the axle with a paper towel or putting a rubber band around it to prevent damage to the axle.

Very good advice all the way down to using a rubberband to keep from striping the threads BUT, you will do more than strip threads of try to screw out the axle enstead of “unscrewing” the axle. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry but had to add that since it was there for the taking.

Yoyo talk? Isn’t that what this whole forum is for? You should separate this into three different threads.

Great advice thank you. It was stuck but I’ll take it in. Wait aren’t you in CLYW.

Dont post late dude… facepalm

Its Pali the Pro. puffin with Pali?

Palli: CLYW player, master of Puffins, super long full name, and currently the sexiest professional yoyoer in Iceland.

He takes puffin eva where with him…

not to mention a awesome guy and a pizza maker and has a awesome yoyo , he’s the most interesting man in the world…

That’s cool we’ll anyways I just got my CLYW in yesterday. The box art is amazing and it also plays amazing. The summit is the best yoyo for your money. And I’m happy to say I got my DM2 axel out!

post late? Bro some people got school and homework.