m1 axle

how do you remove a m1 axle

You screw it out :wink:

Yes, you screw it out. Just take some pliars or maybe a drill to unscrew that axle. There’s not that much too it.

i would not recommend using pliers as that can cause damage to the axle and then it wont screw into your yoyo period.

an alan key of the right size would probably do the job.

Actually, I wouldn’t recommend taking the axle out of an M1 at all.

They’re not made to be removed, and are held in with threadlocker.

Not saying you can’t do it, I’m just saying I wouldn’t recommend trying.

Yea the M1 axle is not meant to be taken out and is stuck on with loctite. My friend tried and he ruined his M1 so if you got a spare M1 then try it out.

It would still be a bummer to ruin one.

Don’t take it out. It will ruin it almost no matter what. If something is wrong with it and you have a replacement, then you can just grab it with some pliers and turn it, but this will ruin it.