How do I get the stupid caps off of my Go Big

I need the caps off of my go big. I already tried a suction cup, and don’t want to hurt the cap.

I dont think they’re suposed to come off. I like the caps.

Yes they are actually. Trying adding a bit of water to the suction cup.

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Thanks. Even though it didn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Put a small amount of hot glue in the center of the cap and wait 4 min. Then use pliers and pull the glob of hot glue. Put the cap in the freezer and pull off the hot glue to remove the hot glue.

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would the glue brake the cap

Are the caps being removed so you can IRG or something? I can’t understand otherwise why the rings would need to be removed.

just let it hit the ground a couple times on hard floor, that worked for my griffin wing ;D

take a knife and dig under it a little and pop it up

step 1)get go big
step2)take off the cap

That’s the least helpful post I think I’ve ever seen.


someones being sarcastic ;D

Why, that’s the MOST helpful post I’ve ever read!! There needs to be more people like you on this forums!!

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duct tape
suction cup

keep tryin’ till it works.

if you don’t mind damaging the cap a little, you can take the smallest drill bit you have and drill a small hole, then stick something in to pop it out.

It takes all kinds to build a solid community. We need the helpful and the non-helpful.

I’m planning a purchase here. I’m debating adding a Go Big. I have an Aquarius, Big Yo and a Fiesta XX, so it’s not like I really need it. I also was re-watching the Ben Conde videos and he’s doing his thumb grinds with the caps in. Because of that, I see no real need to take the caps out.

Now, the DM2, I could understand. I have that and I like the caps in, but I don’t do grinds yet so it’s not a big deal leaving the caps in. So I still wonder why the OP wants the caps out unless that’s just the way he likes things.

I like caps. I figure if they didn’t want you to have the caps, they’d not include them with the yoyo. But hey that’s just me.

First Ben does thumb grinds both ways. If you watch his live routine he has the caps off. I was having a hard time learning thumb grind with the go big and having a hard time till I took the caps off. It does look better with them on though. I got mine out by pushing down in the middle of the cap this makes a gap around the edge. Next pry up the cap with a butter knife. No damage and pretty easy.

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