How do gyro flops work?

I know how to do them, i can do up to 10 revs at max but cant get it back to my hand cause it gets tight. anyways, How do they work? I know there is a string attached, and a string pulling it, so how does that make the thing “Flop”?

and its kinda strange how once you touch the sides, it starts to burn out :frowning:

Good question!
The yo-yo is a gyroscope. It’s spinning and has momentum and therefore has some strange behaviours. I remember reading a post where a guy knew all about the properties of gyroscopes, but my post won’t be so helpful =)

Check out the Wikipedia page on Gyroscopes!

Check out the section on the ‘Properties’. It’s a little sciency, but hidden in there I bet is the secret.

thanks, but its a little too sciency for me to understand :smiley:

Ok… It’s called Precession. It’s a change in the axis of rotation due to torque (in this case). When you wrap the strings around the axle and pull slightly to opposite sides, this puts a torque (twisting force) on the yo-yo. The spinning of the yo-yo reacts at right angles to the direction of the torque, so by changing the position of your hands and how you apply the torque to the axle, you can control how the precession changes the yo-yo’s axis of rotation!

Is that still to sciency? =)

nice post!!! that’s deep!

thanks sagadon, but its still too sciency for a 12 year old to understand :slight_smile: Ahh well thanks for the post :slight_smile: it slightly almost nearly helps me to understand, maybe when i’m older XD

How do you do one? It always flops dead

All you gotta do is once you get into the mount, pull hard, and Do Not let the string touch the yo. I can do up to like 15 flops if i throw a good sleeper and don’t touch the yo with the string at all, and pull hard enough.

Level it with your eyes, so that you can see when its touching the yo. After a bit of practice, you can just “Feel” the floppage.

im not sure if this will be to much help to you but this is my video on how to do gyroscopic flop.

I didn’t see much in that video. I can gyro about 2 times right now. If i can, i would like to get some video’s from the crowd at yoyo expert b/c i know there are people out there that can do it. i just learned how to boingy-boingy after being at the adv. 2 of the tutorials, and i would like to see how ya’ll do it. (Had to throw some country slang in there!)