How different strings affect your lacerations...

I was bored and decided to make this video, it shows how much easier it is to do lacerations with nylon string. Not that you can’t do it with poly, though, it’s just easier with nylon in my opinion.

Finaly, an excuse for me to have when everyone asks why I blow wind so much at whips! lol! (I only have 100% poly strings)

An Error occured on the video…

Alchemy String is amazing for Whips and Lacers.

I kind of forgot to mention that some polyester string is great for whips, sorry!

Is chaos 122 or 422 string good for whips?

SSE is pretty good on whips, hit wrist whips 9/10 times and suicide 7/10 times, but i stink on suicides…i got 3 in a row tho ;D

They are good, but any nylon/poly blend would be better in my opinion…

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The video is Broken!!!

I think it’s just you. It’s working fine for me.


Does the link work?

Strange, i have no problems with highlights when doing 1.5 hooks ??? Were you cheating ::)?

I do, my point is that it is easier with nylon string. I can still hit it with Highlights.

It doesn’t differ for me personally at all.

I don’t know about Nylon strings, but Alchemy strings whip much faster than normal poly or cotton. Really thick string whips faster as well.
I think it’s because these string types are actually heavier than the others, so you get more momentum.

That being said though, I think Alchemy is great for whips and lacerations, but I can’t stand it otherwise. It burns SOO bad when I do speed combos. :o


Well, which would you rather? Get string burn and get a bad place in a contest, or string burn and a good place in a contest?

You don’t need to get string burn to place well in a contest. Whips aren’t everything and as others have said they can still do whips on their poly string anyways.

Highlights help me do my Tower Lacerations and reverse brent stoles…

Have you tried PFS or my Elements?

String matters as 5% of laceration difficulty to me.

I guess you whip harder…