how did you start???


hello, i don’t know it their already is a forum like this but i’m gonna make it anyway, this is a topic about how you guys started yoyoing, i’ll start, one day i was in a mall and walking around untill i found a store that selled yyf yoyos, i went in and saw a tv and some people on the screen doing cool and amazing tricks, so i decided to buy a yyf whip since it was cheap and try to do amazing tricks like them.


well my cousin got me interested when i saw him do a combo and when i first tried his 888 from that day forth i was the one of those people that have no experence the, how to throw straight at first time and bind perfect the first time. so yea i wonder if anybody first started with an unresponvise yoyo like i did?


This thread isn’t redundant at all.


I was searching up a song “Stronger” by Kanyé West and out popped a video “Stronger Yoyo” by Grant Johnson I saw it and he was amazing till that day I promised myself that I would try my best to get sponsored by YoyoJam because without YoyoJam I wouldn’t be the yoyo player I am today

I rarely buy a throw that’s not YYJ I don’t order from sites that don’t carry YYJ, heck I don’t order from other sites other than YoyoExpert,Yoyojam and YoYoBESTBUY

I love Yyj,nuf said


Gee, answered this at least 5 times on here.

Oh well. Here we go again.


Needed a hobby that wasn’t pro audio. Why? My 400 pound console is too big for me to move in and out of my truck and set up on my own.

Objective: Something simple. Portable, lightweight, fun. Inexpensive(OK, screw that last one!)

Somehow, yoyo came to mind. Always thought it was cool. A few days later and some fast research via the internet, went to a local toy store(TRU) and got a Reflex and an Imperial. Almost 2 weeks later I ordered my DM2 from YYE. Lots of learning occurred.

With help learning to throw, I had success at the age of 39, rather than the failure at Age 7 when I was given a yoyo, not helped at all and insulted quite a bit for it. But that’s a whole other story.

I’m definitely hooked. Only regret is I don’t have more funds in my bank account to get more yoyos.