How come we don't see this shape much anymore?


This design creates a slightly larger OD, so you’ll end up with a different feeling yoyo

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Yeah, the Prime8 really nails the shape perfectly. But isn’t it kinda on the wide side?


No, Prime8 is a pretty standard width. Pictured below YYF Shutter, G2 Elite 18, G2 Banshee 18, Prime8

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Ah, okay. That other photo was just a victim of the usual “too close to subject with a wide angle lens” problem that I see all too often. Thanks for the comparison photo.

I have each of those other three throws, maybe I need to look for a Prime8 too now!


YoYoFactory WHiP


Yeah definitely too close on the previous pic just trying to show the shape good. Prime8 is a FUN throw. Floaty and stable and super comfy in the hand. The most similar in feel to a Punchline that I’ve played. Fun finger grind lip, giant cup that works great for fingerspins, and MFD has some of the best anno in the game IMO.

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The WHiP is a pretty old model, right? From what I can tell, this shape mostly appears only on old throws, leading to the impression that it is considered an obsolete shape.


Actually I feel the ideal yoyo may be more of a C3PO or R2D2?

But then again; a Spagetti-O with a little WD-40 is somewhat appealing +/-.

I think the most popular shape down south would be a Preparation-H.

Farmers gravitate towards the EiEiO with a slight Hum-V.

… But on a more serious note; you guys seem to be creating your own language in your overlapping views of what constitutes what shape category.

It is almost as amusing as it is inaccurate. But since it actually has little substance in relation to root performance variability; I figure this thread will run on for a bit.

Until most of us are Completely misguided and confused to a reasonably acceptable degree.:nerd_face:


Whips worse than the dv888

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Are they even comparable? One is plastic and one is metal, after all. (Or are you just trying to push coding’s buttons?)


The Velocity is the adjustable dial it in response A bearing version of the shape

Though it may have a little bit more of a higher wall.

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Subject tangent: Please folks, I implore you, pull your cameras back from your subject and use the zoom function to get closeups. Such wide-angle distortion is not only bad (i.e., counter-productive to the goal of showing what a yoyo actually looks like), but easily avoidable.


That’s just the shape, YYF Whip, YYF Velocity and a G2 Hawk Swirl all side by side.

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As an experiment, photograph that Velocity with the camera 2 inches away and no zoom, and again 1 meter away and zoomed in so it fills the frame as much as in the first photo. Compare.


I completely disagree.

I think the images should be just as distorted as some of the yoyo shape descriptions.

It gives this thread a much more meaningful worthless value.

I would suggest contact distance with a Fisheye lens in pano mode.


No you don’t…