How can you get a hold of a traveling yoyo case




Buy a laptop case, and some foam, then cut holes in the foam, and glue it into the laptop case.
Or you can buy one at stupid mark up.


Cutting the holes in the foam so it doesn’t look like a rabid badger chewed through it in spots is no small task.


I’m still confused on how people cut star holes



Steel 6-point star cookie cutter die and a some sort of press. Needs firm foam to do it or it just takes forever.


Star holes take specialized cutters, or real skill. Otherwise a soup can works great for cutting round holes, which work just fine. Just look for a can of the right size. As far as getting a case, as noted above, buy the stuff and have at it. Otherwise there is a store that sells them, I believe.


Here’s  case:

If administration doesn’t like this, please send me a fast message saying you took it down. I’m fine with that. But I figured, mabybe YYE can carry something like this.

I have a 72 yoyo case. Wonderful, compact, shoulder strap, holds darn near anyhing. Excellent. YYE needs that item in inventory.