how can i get back in "TEH ZONE"?

hi, like the title says, how can i get back in the zone?? when i look back on my yoyoing a couple of months ago, i see that i was doing all these new tricks with flow and i amazed myself. but now, i keep doing the same tricks over and over again. how can i get back to when i can yoyo for hours and never do the same thing twice??
thanks in advance.

Just do something different. Get a new yoyo just for fun, try learning a new trick, start learning a new kind of yoyoing, etc.

Watch a crap-ton of videos

film yourself playing

pick one move that you don’t like (for example for me is the trapeze -> brother move that breaks all the rythm) and FORCE yourself to do something else in that situation

or deal with perfecting your combo, making it better, adding parts or tricks to it, think “mark montgomery”

i like to switch over to a different style and get back then come back to 1a

at one point I was close to quiting yoyoing but then I got into 2a and haven’t loved yoyoing as much as I do now


just fly your f-14 straight into the danger zone, even though your best friend goose just died in a plane wreck…


partly cloudy…

By using…TEH MAGICZ!

Dude same thing hapend to me, then i stated looping and doing freehand. DANG I LOVE FREEHAND!

vee must make… zee magickz!

is how it goes :slight_smile: lulz

learn a 1a substyle that looks REALLY strange to you. or learn a crazy trick. try making your own stuff up. i feel like you do right now. im gonna start making new tricks up soon.

You’re probably just smoothing your stuff out.

For me it goes:

Learn crazy shit ----> Smooth out your crazy shit -----