how big of a gap?

I’m making my own custom yoyo out of wood (walnut). Its a modified shape, more imperial than butterfly. How big of a gap should i use?
I want it to be able to sleep for a short while for simple string tricks, while still being able to loop. Thanks lots :slight_smile:

How simple of tricks? Also, bearing or no bearing? I would keep the gap about 2-3 mm if you are planning for it to loop more than to do tricks. I would get it maybe around 2.88? Thats the gap size of the Sunset Trajectory and it can do “simple” tricks. I don’t want to put the good walnut to waste.

no bearing. it’s only my first custom yoyo, so i wanna start simple and see what problems occur. I can always make another since we have a little more walnut lying around.

with no bearing i dont think it be able to do anything more advanced than trapeze and -maybe- double or nothing. once i get he hang of making yoyos i may put bearings in.

now that i think about it, i may be able to put in a transaxle. hmmm…

okay, yes a transaxle is possible. I’ll probly put that in.