How big is the YYE large and medium bag?


It’s not a contest bag
REPEAT: not a contest bag


Just curious now what do you mean by bag now? I need more details…


The medium bag holds 12. From the pix it looks like a very similar layout and size to yomega bag so it is probably about 9 x 13 inches. Scaling it up to 24 yoyos makes it out to be about 12 x 19 inches.

Ooopps, that’s the contest bags.


Are you talking the sling-style bag?

The medium comfortably holds 4 in the pockets(1/pocket) and if you want another 4-6 in the back rear pocket, plus it has two small areas for other accessories.

Big enough.

The large one holds 6 in the pockets. Not sure how many in the larger rear pocket.


I meant by this


And this





No need to bump this. People will answer if and when they can.


If you click the product, it takes you to it’s page which displays many pictures that show exactly how big it is.

The small one is small enough to put on a belt or a strap on your backpack.

The medium one is bigger, it itself has a strap you can sling over your sholder.

The large one looks like 1.5x the medium one.


I’m lost