How awesome would it be if you guys put out a catalogue of everything on the sit


Im sure it would generate TONS of business


Like a printed catalog? I can’t see how that would bring more business. Would also be unpossible to maintain, since # items available is an important factor. Also, new models coming, old models going…

Maintenance nightmare!


Ya but just put an asterisks saying items may not be available…
I think it’s genius


With as frequent as items are releasing, the catalog would be out of date as it goes into print. On top of that, yo have to take into consideration postal fees if you’re going to mail these out.

Now, we’re all on the internet here. Paper is so “1990’s”. A PDF can be made, and then updated, and updated, and updated… Even being conservative, it could be updated once a month. But, even so, we all know some things sell out fast. New colorways require new photos.

I think they do pretty good by trying to keep the site updated.

Considering I found YYE by putting in “yoyo store” into a Google search, I’m sure YYE has their act down.

I do think the idea has merit, but I just don’t see it being a publication of any sort.


Yes but look at a store like brookstone. Their catalogs are their biggest asset! They may not need to have everything in the catalogue maybe just like news, new release, and sales! Or just listing of stuff they just restocked! Idk just an idea…


Bookstores all over are closing. Mostly because you can get everything easier and cheaper on… You guessed it, the Internet!


He said, Brookstone. Not bookstore…

Anyway, as was already stated, they would go out of date too quickly and the expense is too high. The people who want to buy yoyos aren’t going to order from a print catalog when all they have to do is open up their laptop and add items to their cart. It’s easier for them because they basically don’t have to do anything. As they add to their cart, it lets them know how much it is going to cost so they don’t have to add it up themselves, making it quicker to check-out gives them less time to “think twice” about the purchase and back out.

An example:

Here are two of my catalogs I have from “back-in-the-day”. Look what catalogs did for them… Nothing! You’ve probably never even heard of these stores.

Don’t get me wrong, I love catalogs. It is just not worth it for a place like YYE to do.