How are Yoyo Officer's yoyos?

I’m interested in saving for a Yoyo Officer Brave. How do they play?

Also interested in a OneDrop Chik.

The YYO Hatchet is the successor to the Brave and probably worth keeping an eye out for.

The Chik is a phenomenal yoyo. Really good at any price (I enjoyed it more than many more expensive yoyos I’ve owned), and the solid versions are quite budget-friendly!

I got an imp and I’m really impressed. Looks good, plays great, bead blasted, and only $40. I did swap out the bearing though. I’ll be watching them in the future, since I can actually afford their stuff.

I’ll consider that. Does anyone else know where I can find a Yoyo Officer Hatchet, other than from YoyoRewind?

If you are considering buying a brave, possibly you should look at the yoyofactory shutter. You’ll see that the specs are almost the same, except for the brave’s slightly larger width and the shutter’s slightly larger gap. The shutter is only $45, compared to the $70 brave. Just a suggestion. I’ve played a shutter, and it is phenomenal for the price.

I actually already own the Shutter. ;D

So I’m not interested in a Brave. I’m just inquiring about the Hatchet, which is supposed to be a revamped version of the Brave. Also, the Level 6 and Recrev Octave 1st Gen are catching my eye.

I got nuthin’. The level six looks great, but as I’ve never tried it, I can’t really recommend it in good faith.

Can’t go wrong between the Level 6, hatchet and 1st gen octave. Would like to add the werrd 86400 to the list as well

Oh, is the 86400 really that good? If so, then I’ll look at that one, too.

Does anyone know where else I could find a Yoyo Officer Hatchet?

Please, does anyone know about any other website that is currently carrying the YYO Hatchet?

if you want to know Bina on the forums works for YYO that and he would probably be your best shot on opinions of the yoyos

Ok, thanks.