Intoducing Yoyofficer Hatchet

For our next release, we took our most popular model, Brave, and made few changes to take it to whole new level. But we kept price at 59,9$ !

Shape is now more linear and with more robust rims. We also made it lighter and completly changed weight distribution.

Hatchet will come in four acidwash/splash combinations and with beadblasted surface!

Diameter 56 mm
Width 44,7 mm
Weight 66,2 g

Release date?

Should be in first stores around 2/3 of october?

Looks great! A whole new model rather than an “update”, but a good one!

Better view of profile

Dang boi the Hatchet is not ratchet. 8)

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Wow that Yoyo looks awesome!!!

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Almost looks like a cross between an Ava and a Skywalker. I like it. A LOT


Truth of our youth.

I need to find $60 somewhere… over the rainbow?

Wow, that looks fantastic. I’m gonna need to try that.

I received my Hatchet today. This has quickly become my favorite YoyoOfficer to date. This throw could easily go for $100+. I would compare its play to a BvM2. It is solid, stable; yet nimble and fast.

If you are looking for agile, all-around super playing yoyo, for 1A/5A then the Hatchet is a great choice. If you want all that and save a few bucks too; then the Hatchet is hard to beat.

If you have never bought YoyoOfficer - you will be happy to become acquainted with this superb yoyo.


I am in full agreement, Geezer. I got my Hatchet a few days ago, and this thing is awesome. Seems to play heavier than the 66 grams it claims to weigh, but I love it! I dare say that its profile is close to the Skywalker which is by far my favorite yoyo, and the Hatchet’s play is very close as well. This was totally worth the $60.

Unless my math is wrong, this is a recommendation of this yoyo by two people who have thrown at least 180 throws based on the trade count. I know I have thrown many more than I have traded and I suspect the same is true for MikeEff too.

Anyone looking for an amazing yoyo at a price that will not leave a crater in the budget should look no further. Personally, I can’t understand the excitement over a plastic OneDrop or CLYW when you could get this for just a few bucks more. Just my opinion though.

If you like the look of this Hatchet - get it. This might be your only chance. YoyoOfficer sometimes tweaks the designs in future runs. Indeed, the Hatchet is a tweaked Brave.

Even thought I prefer Imp due to its lower weight and Jaeger thanks to its unique and great feel, I must say Hatchet is still Yoyofficer best model and is still my #1 choice for contest.

I have just tried my Hatchet yesterday and this thing is simply awesome! Thank you Yoyofficer!
Probably my best throw yet…!

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What websites currently have this yoyo, other than Bill’s Bait-n-Tackle?