Yoyofficer Hatchet (yoyo rewiew contest)


When I learned about the contest from YOYOFFICER that you can win two yoyos , so I said why not try your luck … ? I just want to point out that I am not writing this review biased but I know what I’m writing because Hatchet own since Christmas and I would not trade it for anything else! And I see this yoyo? To read my review :

Hatchet reviews :

Specification :

Diameter : 56 mm
        Width : 44.7 mm
        Weight : 66.2 g
        Material : Aluminium
        Price : 60 USD
        Style : 1A/3A/5A
        Shape : H-shape

Hatchet I first saw it in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VB86DmywfY4 and just fascinated me ! The colors, but most of the interesting shape that reminded me of the Avalanche, though not at 100 % (see figure below). But of course not to say that it yoyofficer been copied from CLYW.

Yoyo is not expensive, is worth 60 USD, so it can afford to everyone. But not only that yoyo is cheap, but very powerful and it is my favorite on the competition. When the yoyo you arrive you will find it in super box with center track bearing yoyo in a couple of spare black pads included, as for other yoyofficer yoyos.

Yoyo is based on the Brave, was with him slightly modified form, the new weight distribution and also is 2 grams lighter. And she became the flagship of the company’s all-metal yoyos Yoyofficer . Hatchet has the best combination of splash yoyofficer yoyos. I was most like the purple/ pink/white is the most super 8). Grinds are bead blasted through the surface of the simple things well because of the shape, you can do any type of grind: Thumb, Finger Horizontal and it also counts and not especially please those who enjoy it? Yoyo is comfortable to hold in your hand, even greater pleasure to do tricks. It has a lighter feel , but it is almost as large as its predecessor ( Brave ) , long spin and great stability , so you can do tricks really long time , and when you need yoyo return to your hand , washers, taking care of it , so it can do over and over again  , what more could you ask for more at the price of 60 USD .

The string sweeps excellently in both normal tricks, and when the horizontal. Ideal as just throwing evening in closet or a contest you never disappoint and you can fully rely on him . About to turn more reason why you buy it :wink: . Very popular in the Czech yoyo community. Whenever it is necessary compared Hatchet and Hatchet or CZM and Shutter nearly everyone says that HATCHET!

Final words:

This yoyo recommend it to anyone who wants to spend big money for yoyos such as Catalyst , Avalanche and more. For 60 USD you get really great yoyo, which is better than yoyos need for $ 80. So if you’re looking to yoyo competition or just to relax, go to the Hatchet ! With this yoyo error thing at 100 % :wink: . And if you do not believe me then you need to try it with a friend who has it and judge it for yourself.

Rating: 9.9 / 10


As I see Yoyofficer:

Chinese manufacturing company with low cost cheap but powerful yoyos, and therefore became my favorite yoyo company. And why? Because I do not have to give your hobby so much money and get powerful yoyo, with whom I can go to the competition and I know that when I Freestyle cup and will not do him wrong. So far all the yoyos that I tried (Aura, Eager, Hatchet, IMP, Kilter, Gravity, Fit) made me very pleased that even a small company can do so super yoyos. If it goes on like this from yoyofficer will be very good company as it should be YYF, maybe even better :open_mouth: and will be happy to do tricks with her yoyos. Definitely look forward to their next yoyos in the near future it will be L and M (I think that will be called Lava and Musket).

So I hope you enjoyed the review and if I should add something to write. Goodbye!