Yoyofficer Hatchet Review!


Yoyofficer Hatchet Review

The Yoyofficer Hatchet is a re-imagining of their 2nd model, the Brave. Although it was based off of the Brave it is a completely new model with its own unique shape and weight distribution so it’s a new yoyo and one you should definitely try!



Diameter: 56.00 mm
Width: 44.80 mm
Gap Width: 4.2 mm
Weight: 65.8 grams
Bearing Size: CBC Center Trac - Size C
Response: Yoyofficer Black Silicon Pads

Review specs:

Stock Bearing.
Strings used during review & play: Toxic Draken, Kitty String Normal, Homemade customs (10 and 12 strand)
Purchase date: December 2013
Pictures taken with no color correction or modification.


Build and packaging:
Packing is a simple square box with a clear window in front. It comes with a string and an extra set of response pads. The build is an H profile design of 6061 aluminum and a CBC center trac bearing with a light and soft bead blast finish under the amazing anodization colors available. The response pads were unresponsive out of the box and it comes with an extra set of pads! The binds were snappy while still allowing multiple string layers without a knuckle busting surprise bind. The Hatchet is one of Yoyofficer’s higher priced models, while still being a great bargain, but after seeing all the machine lines cut into the body you can understand why as it is highly machined to achieve the dream of speed, balance, control, and stability Yoyofficer had imagined for their ‘H’ yoyo.
The Hatchet has been lightened, compared to the Brave, along with more rim weight for increased stability and spin time. This increase in stability and spin time along with a lighter weight (and feel) has also increased the Hatchet’s speed during play. The bearing slightly centers the string and spins as good as any bearing I’ve owned or played including the 10 ball or gold bearings. No lack of spin time or smoothness here, it was dead smooth out of the box!


The Hatchet is a very solid performer all around, Competition, Freestyle, or Practice. It is comfortable in the hand to throw and on the catch. The Hatchet is nimble but solid on the string and will go as fast as you want to push it without exhibiting any control or stability issues. It will also play slower and deliberate with a nice smooth flow at any speed. I’ve found it both solid for learning new tricks or speeding through ones you have dialed. At the same time if you would rather cruise through some tricks at various speeds for some freestyle flash, the Hatchet won’t disappoint and will easily flow through it all! It strikes a very positive balance between feeling solid while still light enough to speed around and exhibiting some nice float while in the air.
The light to medium blast finish is silky smooth and finger/arm grinds spin with ease and comfort on the skin. The inner rim is flat compared to an undercut IGR rim so a little tilt will help lock thumb grinds on better.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the Hatchet in all aspects of play. Even with several throws to choose from I pick it up 1st again and again. It’s light enough for extended play, has just the right amount of float, and feels solid at any speed. For the price and high level of performance, along with its top notch machining and bearing, it is an absolute bargain. The Hatchet, get one, or be chopped down by one! Not really, you should never use a yoyo to chop stuff kid!


Although very subjective and complete opinion, I wanted to include some recent comparisons (both text and pictures) with 2 other yoyo’s I’ve spent a lot of time playing along with the Hatchet.
Compared to the CLYW Bonfire the Hatchet has more spin time for me, a more solid feel on the string and just a little less float. Compared to the YYF Shutter, the Hatchet feels and plays lighter, more nimble, and slightly more stable while spinning as long. While I enjoy all 3 of these yoyo’s, I find myself playing the Hatchet more whether learning something new or just having fun.





Nice review. You did a great job breaking the review into easily read points separated by images of the yo-yo. Your writing is easy to read and to the point. Very well done.

That I agree with most; if not all of what you have said, in no way influences the above comments Really :slight_smile:


Thank you YoyoGeezer! I’m sure our agreeing on the Hatchet’s performance didn’t influence you at all. :wink:


Great job man!!! Very nice read and excellent pics to boot!!!


Thanks for checking it out man! I appreciate it!


Very very good and informative review! This has been by far one of the best reviews that I’ve come across on here. I have been eying the hatchet for some time now and have been on the fence about it, but now with this review and with the comparisons you did with a couple of other throws, I’m now jumping over and gonna get me one of these! Thanks!


Thank you for the comment and checking it out! I think you will be more than happy with the Hatchet if the play sounds like what you want for your preferences! You sure can’t beat it imho, especially the top notch play you get for the money.
As you saw in the comparison shots, the Hatchet has very nice anodizing and more machine work than the Bonfire, yet is still less than 1/2 the price. Also, the blast on the Hatchet is a little lighter than the Bonfire’s but it’s still plenty soft & smooth on the skin. Good luck picking just one! :wink:


Got my Yoyofficer Musket in! A great throw too! From my initial impressions I feel it is more floaty than the Hatchet and a touch more comfy shape, as Bina mentioned, but I’ve never had an issue with the Hatchet’s comfort. For $45 the Musket is even more bang for your buck from Yoyofficer!