How are inkpot color ways supposed to be formatted?

Vibe or ano?

It means its a B-grade, which can be caused by either.

Either, it just means it’s a Fools Gold. Except on the Summit, that’s just a logo. I thought it was a dumb idea because I would imagine if there were Fools Gold Summits, it would be harder to distinguish.

New question,

Is the secondary color of an inkpot color way supposed to end up on the rims too?
Because I have an FG inkpot chief and it’s dead smooth and has no flaws. It’s green with purple inside the inner rim. I’m trying to figure out why it’s an FG. Maybe it’s because some of the purple got onto the rims in the anodizing process. Would that make it an FG?

Well this was the most confusing thread to open for the first time.

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Sorry guys