Did CLYW release any Fools Gold yoyos in Confetti Colorway?

Idk if this is the right section, its not asking for a review or recommendation so I apologize if this isnt the correct spot.

Like the title says Im just wondering if any CLYWs in ‘Confetti’ colorway are Fools Gold? I know Confetti is the most expensive colorway they sell on YYE here. For some throws Confetti is even in its own price teir@ $10 more than the next most expensive. Aside from rare limited release colorways that are usually exclusively sold on CLYW’s own shop, like Black Bip Bop, which is higher priced than Confetti, but ofc there are no “Black Bip Bop Fools Golds” atleast none I have seen. Confetti is the highest priced colorway that you can get at YYE Shop and other yoyo stores.

Maybe they knew that & made sure none would be FG? I have never seen one but have seen all the other expensive colorways in FG. The reason why Im interested is bc its the most expensive and $10 more than the next most expensive colorway.

I dont think they did but I think it would be sick to get a FG Confetti Chief for $70-$80. I am getting a Confetti Chief from the BST and excited bc it was a reasonable price aswell. But if there were FG Confetti I wouldnt mind it being FG (personally all FGs I have owned are dead smooth to me atleast, I have even had some FG that are smoother than their non FG counterparts!) I think some of the FG Peaks vibe pretty bad but also some of the non FG ones do too, its kinda hit or miss I have heard. But besides the Peaks, every FG I have tried I couldnt tell they were FG and its usually just ano flaws, actually I will correct myself, I have tried ONE that vibed pretty bad but it was beat and I think it was more that it was all dinged rather than it being that way brand new.

It sure would be sweet to pick up a FG Confetti Chief on the BST, maybe if u found the right deal for $60-$70?

Thanks Everyone :)b

I believe they did one release of fools gold confetti chief but as you probably know you can’t really mess up the colorway and i mean i don’t think that they would produce confetti color way if the yoyos had vibe.

Like if this helped you

First off, you can mess up anodization. These mistakes are called anodization flaws–many Fools Gold yoyos are labeled that because of flaws in the anodization. Also, based on my knowledge, straight after machining, the yoyos go for anodize, meaning they won’t know if they are vibey until the colorway is produced. This means they very well could have vibey Confetti Chiefs.

Second, there are no likes on YYE, and asking for them certainly isn’t the way to gain them.

I think he meant that particular colorway. Unless it turns into an all out splash. He’s right.

Big cat is totally correct.

Think about it this way. In order to play a yoyo and test it, pads need to be in, the axle needs to be there, strings, etc. They wouldn’t assemble a yoyo, only to disassemble it promptly and then send it to ano. The pads/sili would especially be a pain.