How are general-yo AIGR bearings different from normal bearings?

I’ve heard so much about the AIGR bearing, and how great they are, how are they compared to say, a yoyojam bearing?

the quality of them

its much better than a yyj bearing imo

I wouldn’t say it’s better, just different. Made by different people with different stuff.

Also I think they are stainless so they don’t rust. That is a huge PLUS for me.
As far as play goes they are really similar now that I think about it. Both are durable, quality bearings. I buy whatever is cheapest and in-stock when I need some. You will do well with any bearing if you don’t mess with it too much.

Not to be a jerk, but most bearings are stainless steel

I would say that airg bearings are a higher quality than most bearings. Reason is they are made for aircraft instrumentation. They only use the best bearings for that stuff.

Every bearing plays different. The AIRG bearing is a high quality aircraft bearing, and in my opion, is extreamly tight! I use these in a lot of my yoyos and can’t complain about a single thing. It is just a great bearing. And every bearing plays differnt, so it is not like AIGR bearings are different from all the other bearings in the world, as every single bearing is different and has it’s own unique feel and play to it. And if I my add, Generalyo AIGR bearings last a long time, spin long, and are one of my favorite bearings. I recomend you get one. :wink:

~James Reed!

AIGRs are nice but can rust actually, mine oxidized the first week I bought it.

I’ve had stainless do the same thing in a week too. Just because they are stainless doesn’t mean they are resistant to rust and corrosion.