How advanced is advanced?

So first of all, I don’t really know if this topic should be in the Tricks section but seeing as it’s a more general question, I decided to post it here. As the title says, how Advanced is Advanced? I don’t really know what level I actually am but I know in the Learn section, I’m kind of onto Advanced part 2 and Expert part 1. I’m kind of halfway through the list but I don’t think I’m at the intermediate level because I prefer polyester than slick 6 so I’m kind of confused ???

Hmm? The type of string you use doesn’t change if your good at yoyoing or not. :stuck_out_tongue: Polyester is just the general public’s preferred type of string. :slight_smile:

Different people think different things. What I mean by that is that everyone has a different idea about what a “advanced” yoyoer is. Some people do it by this fabulous website’s tutorials, some people do it by if you compete, etc…

I really don’t know what an “advanced” yoyoer is. I don’t really care. :stuck_out_tongue: I just yoyo, it’s fun. :slight_smile:

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Although i do feel that the “expert” tricks on the tutorials(i’m kinda there as well) are actually intermediate to how others around me are playing, i don’t see your connection between string preference and skill. One can build his skill using just about any yoyo, bearing and string. Work with what feels best for you and let your tricks decide how good you are.

Next thing you know, we’ll start evaluating skill upon whether or not your yoyo is green…

Advanced means “above average”

so in my opinion, advanced is the “Master” section on this site. Those tricks arent to hard after about a year of practice.

I agree.